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Sniper Airsoft Tactics


For any air soft team, a sniper is essential, especially when you are going in to a situation in which you will be outnumbered or when you and your buddies are playing out a realistic game. But what are sniper tactics and how do you use them? We’ll show you how!

Here are some terms you need to know:




For purposes of air soft play, a sniper is a player who is a designated shooter, usually the best and the most experienced (or at least the most accurate) in the team. He or she serves as a scout and as supporting fire for the group (rather than just sitting around and picking off enemies — though this in and itself can be useful) and is an invaluable member of the game. The term “sharpshooter,” on the other hand, is an overarching one that covers both snipers and those proficient with any firearm at a distance. Snipers are specialized: they hit individual targets while unseen. Sharpshooters are not specialized in that fashion. Airsoft guns can look and seem incredibly realistic – they lend themselves to some interesting situations, with a little imagination. Usually, snipers are used in realistic combat simulation, such as in C.T. (Counter terrorism) games. Even military operation games, mirroring those of the Navy SEALs, call for sniper tactics.

So, then, here are some sniper tactics that you can use in your simulations:

Scenario One: Military Operations

Your team is surrounded by a jungle or forest scene, with plenty of cover: trees, dense underbrush, and so on. When you have designated your sniper or snipers, typically, you will want to have them concealed completely, either up high or prone on the ground. Constructing a gilley suit, which is made of mesh and vegetation from the surroundings (after all, it wouldn’t do to wear a cactus in a New England forest!), is a good idea. A well-made suit will render the wearer nearly invisible, which is exactly what is needed for sniper tactics. When your team disperses, the sniper or snipers seek out targets of opportunity and importance while all together unseen. Airsoft guns that have a particularly long range are advantageous here.

Scenario Two: Urban Warfare/Counter Terrorism

This topic is near and dear to almost every military enthusiast’s heart — counter terrorism activity. So, then, we will give a general example. Your team has been called upon to make a raid on a building that has been taking hostage by the opposing team. Your designated sniper(s) should take cover on the roof or in a high window of another building. Sniper tactics such as these also lead to taking out targets that are important–and they don’t require a special suit. Games such as these can be incredibly realistic, and with a little bit of imagination, they can certainly be a lot of fun.

Either way you go, using snipers will make the game more interesting! Best of luck.