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Game Types


Military scenarios are arguably the most popular of games played with Airsoft guns, partly because of their relevance to the current world situation and partly because of the realistic nature of the firearms in general. However, the military scenario is not all there is in the world of airsoft. There are also a number of other simulations that you can run — ones that you can find played in most any paintball or airsoft team. The combinations are truly endless.<br>

The first scenarios (and indeed the most typical ones almost universally) that come to mind when one thinks of airsoft — or really any realistic combat simulation games — are Search And Destroy, Capture The Flag, and King of the Hill. Any number of variants on these themes can be created from scratch, with a little bit of imagination. Here, we’ll give you the rundown on how they usually go — and how you can make them even more interesting.


Capture the Flag is one of the most interesting games. This game is played in an open field that is divided into two halves. There are two teams and each team has a flag located in their home base. The purpose of this game is for each team to try and get the other team’s flag without getting caught and transfer it into their own home base. The flag ought to be carried clearly visible. Every player that gets tagged along the way is out of the game and is not allowed to play until that round is up. The team that manages to get the opposing team’s flag wins.

Military Simulation

These are games that measure how well a player is able to get through an obstacle course while shooting at targets. Players can work as teams or play through the course as individuals. Points are earned when targets are hit. In some cases, the opposing team might try to sabotage the other teams’ efforts in order to ensure they do not get many points. These are more fun because they enable the teams to get creative in their tactics in order to ensure they earn the most points. However, whether you choose the individual or team practical shooting obstacle course, you will have fun either way.