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Field Layou and Rules


The first and most important thing you need to do when planning to play Airsoft is to create a perfect field layout. In most cases, you can find a ready to use Airsoft field layout if you seek the service from a company offering Airsoft services. However, if you want to save on extra costs, it is possible to create your own. The field layout is very important because it will determine your overall game experience.

Basically, your field layout ought to have a number of obstacles where the different players can hide and protect themselves from getting hit to make the game more interesting. It is also important to include landmarks that are easy for all the players to identify. Last but not least, mark the different areas to make it easy for everyone to stick to the rules. You can use barrels, scrap wood and any other objects you can create your layout. Also, ensure you have enough space so that players can have easy and free movement.


Due to safety reasons, Airsoft is mainly played by individuals who are 18 years’ old and above. If you are below 18 years, you are required to have a consent form signed by your legal guardian. This is just for safety purposes. In most cases, there will be an instructor to ensure everything is done in a safe manner. The other type of form you might need is a club member form. This simply shows you are part of a team. However, this only applies to those who seek a company’s services to play the game.


  • Every player should have eye protection
  • Always point your gun in a safe direction
  • Avoid aiming at the face or head
  • Do not shoot any safety equipment or lights
  • Do not shoot any of the props
  • Do not shoot a player within 10ft surrender
  • Respect all players and referees.