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Basic Airsoft Tactics


Before you go out and use your shiny new airsoft guns, you need to know some basic tactics that will make your gaming easier and more entertaining. These tactics will also increase the measure of safety in your games. When everyone comes out safely, it’s a good day. It is also definitely wise to keep precautionary measures in the forefront of your mind, just in case someone gets hurt. Then again, that is a topic for an entirely different discussion!

We‘re here to tell you about the basics.

Since your “weapons” are realistic in appearance and action, you can use a little imagination and come up with a plethora of different scenarios and ideas — airsoft is endlessly entertaining, indeed.

So, then, here are a few examples of basic strategies you and your team can use.

Sometimes, aggression in simulated combat is a great way to get the drop on your rivals. We recommend using your primary airsoft guns with reliable back-ups in this situation, as it is entirely possible to run out of ammunition in a rush-and-run/hit-and-run scenario. A gas-and-spring combination of guns is acceptable, but an electric-and-anything combination is preferred. (Electric airsoft guns are faster–speed is definitely a plus in quick combat). In hit-and-run tactics, you and your team rush in from cover and then use a clear line of escape. This tends to confuse the enemy, allowing you to strike again and again, unless if they are able to make a counter strike–unexpected, a strong counterattack can completely obliterate your momentum and cost you the game. It is wise to understand the possible defenses against your attacks. If you rush in, it’s entirely possible that the opposing team will use sharpshooters to pick off your teammates. No attack is perfect, after all, so simply be advised.

Another example of airsoft gun tactics involves the use of snipers and firearms that have a longer range. Snipers can be used to strike important targets and targets of opportunity on the battlefield. If you’re fighting in a forest scenario, or indeed any other scenario that involves a lot of cover, these individuals can be extremely useful. Armed with stealth, a single skilled sniper can take out more members of the rival team than any number of ground troops. The best defense against snipers is the use of crowding, or close quarters combat. Snipers are better suited to firing from a distance rather than from up close, so fighting at short range usually spells disaster for them. It’s a good thing to know, either way!

Whatever you do and wherever your adventures in airsoft take you, you’ll certainly do well to take into consideration these few basic tactics; before long, you’ll be ready to move on to more specialized and individualized ones, just like the experts.

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