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For any air soft team, a sniper is essential, especially when you are going in to a situation in which you will be outnumbered or[…]

When you’re going to be airsofting in teams, you definitely need to use tactics specific to your situation, and most usually, team tactics can be[…]

If you have come this far in search of airsoft guns information, odds are you’re either interested in the sport itself or in its mechanics.[…]

The first and most important thing you need to do when planning to play Airsoft is to create a perfect field layout. In most cases,[…]

Before you go out and use your shiny new airsoft guns, you need to know some basic tactics that will make your gaming easier and[…]

Military scenarios are arguably the most popular of games played with Airsoft guns, partly because of their relevance to the current world situation and partly[…]

Types of Airsoft Guns – Which Gun is Right for You? As a potential new Airsoft player, you are likely wondering how to get started,[…]

Airsoft guns can be as individualized as their users, and usually, one purchases them to fit the scenario one plans upon gaming in. Usually, the[…]