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Airsoft Team Tactics


When you’re going to be airsofting in teams, you definitely need to use tactics specific to your situation, and most usually, team tactics can be inspired by actual, modern military drills – and even by history. That’s right, strategy used in ancient records can help you in your war games. Why not learn from the best of yesterday and today? Even though 2,000 years ago, soldiers may have used bows and arrows, and you are armed with airsoft guns, the principle remains the same, transcending time, from the battlefields of feudal Japan and China to today’s high-tech training grounds.

Ancient Strategy

Sun Wu (alternatively known as Sun Tzu), the prestigious Chinese general, in his even more famous work, The Art of War, said (in a free translation courtesy of, “On level ground, position on places that are easy to maneuver with your right backed by high ground, with the dangerous ground in front, and safe ground to the back.” What does this mean for you, as a user of airsoft guns looking for team tactics?

You can use the terrain to your advantage. If you are in the middle of a drill and you find yourself on an equal playing field with the opposing team, then make sure that you position yourselves properly. That is, you should work toward a clear escape route, and keep obstacles between you and your rivals. The logic behind this states that if your rival attempts to move forward, they will find the going difficult and you will have an easier chance of escaping to higher (or safer) ground, especially if your weapons outrange theirs. Of course, it’s always best to keep a good amount of cover between yourself and your rivals. This reduces the possibility of being spotted and lends itself to some of the more modern-based team tactics.

Modern Strategy

Most sources on team tactics will tell you that it’s best to keep a low profile when you’re gaming — keep obstacles and cover between you and your enemy, move quickly and silently, and make certain that you have the upper hand before you attack–in other words, you hit and run until your enemies fall. This is generally called a ‘guerilla style’ offense, and it relies heavily on concealment and surprise. Sometimes, this particular style lends itself to the use of snipers. Snipers hide out in trees or behind other cover, picking off members of the opposite team.

Finally, there is a new example of team tactics, which takes from modern military practice — aggression. When you are outnumbered, this can be one of the most useful ways to defeat your enemies. It involves rushing your opponents, throwing the undisciplined into confusion. All of this, though, will take some serious firepower. You have to have the right airsoft guns for whatever tactics you choose. With that in mind… Good luck!